Comparative Estimates of the Budget of Photosynthetic Available Radiation (PAR) in the Barents, White, Kara and Black Seas Derived From in situ and Satellite Data

Vasulia S.V., Kopelevich O.V.

The comparative assessment of all components of the PAR budget (incident on the sea surface, reflected from the rough sea surface, penetrating to the different depth in the water column, water-leaving and absorbed in water) made by using satellite and in situ data in the Barents, Black, Kara, and White seas is presented. Water quality is varied from clear with the diffuse attenuation coefficient Kd(555) ≈ 0.13 m–1 to very turbid with Kd(555) = 0.42 m–1. These differences cause the essential discrepancy of components of the PAR budget in different seas. An agreement between the estimates of PAR penetration in the upper layer derived from in situ and satellite data is quite satisfactory.

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