Model Estimates of the Influence of Inter-Annual Changes in Ocean Circulation on the Distribution of Commercial Fish Larvae in the Canary Upwelling Region

Ryabchenko V.A., Diansky N.A., Gusev A.V., Arkhipov A.G., Chernyshkov P.P.

Estimates of the influence of changes in ocean circulation on the distribution of passive aquatic organisms (spawn and larvae of the main commercial fish) in the Canary upwelling were obtained using the 3-D ocean circulation σ-model, developed at the Institute of Numerical Mathematics, RAS. According to calculations, the concentration of spawn and fish larvae in the upper 75-m ocean layer of this region was significantly higher in the spring of 1995 than in the same period in 1997 only because of enhanced circulation. In turn, the enhanced circulation, including upwelling, was due to stronger winds.

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