Assessing the Impact of Beloyarsk NPP on the Hydrothermal Regime of the Reservoir-Cooler

Vereshchagina E.A., Dvornikov A.Yu., Rumynin V.G., Ryabchenko V.A., Nikulenkov A.M.

Estimates of the impact of warm waters discharges from two power units(operating and under construction) of the Beloyarsk NPP on the hydrothermal regime of Beloyarsk reservoir are obtained using a3-d hydrodynamic model of water circulation and ice evolution. The effect of warm water discharge is most pronounced in the vicinity of outlets of discharge channels of power units, where in winter polyniyas are formed. The rise of temperature (up to 8°С) near the outlets in winter in the case of joint operation of both units in future could adversely affect the functioning of the aquatic ecosystem.

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