Developments of the hydrodynamic oceanic modeling

Semyonov E.V.

This paper presents an overview of the results of real-time numerical modeling of the sea hydrological fields in our country. The real-time modeling is the main alternative of using oceanographic data bases. The task of real-time modeling is formulated as an inverse problem, so, initial and boundary conditions are provided first of all. Sometimes it is possible to solve direct boundary task of real-time modeling of hydrological fields, for example, it’s possible for the conditions of the White Sea. It’s important, because there is no real marine observation networks for the Russian seas. So, the absence of the marine observation networks is the principal problem of real-time numerical sea modeling in our country. The results of testing the elements of real-time numerical modeling systems of the hydrological fields for the White and Barents Seas are presented in this paper.

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