Modelling of stratified fluid flows around bodies of ‎revolution on the basis of the vortex added-mass (LCS) method ‎

Tkachenko I.V., Guryev Yu.V.

Density homogenous and non-homogenous fluid flows around a sphere or ellipsoid of revolution at ‎high Reynolds and Froud numbers are studied on the basis of the vortex added-mass (LCS) method. ‎The stratification influence upon the flow structure, shape of turbulent wake, dynamics of internal ‎waves and integral characteristics of bodies are investigated. It has been shown that for the flow ‎around a sphere located in the pycnocline the width of turbulent wake decreases and two types of ‎waves are generated depending upon the internal Froud number values. In case of flows around an el-‎lipsoid located under the pycnocline, short non-regular waves are produced and the drag force increas-‎es.

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