Research on High-Speed Motion of Supercavitating Bodies in Water and their Interaction with Underwater Barriers

Ischenko A. N., Akinshin R. N., Afanaseva S. A., Borisenkov I. L., Burkin V. V., Dyachkovskii A. S., Monahov R. Y., Rodionov A. A., Khabibullin M. V.

The paper discusses the fundamental problem of high-speed motion of supercavitating bodies in water — inertial and jet bodies with a compact pulse jet engine, and their impact on underwater barriers as well. A study on modes of motion of unreactive supercavitating projectiles with running compact pulse jet engine with sub-, trans- and supersonic speeds in water medium after speeding-up in the barrelled accelerator is done with calculation-experimental method. Velocity gain of projectile motion by virtue of using а compact pulse jet engine is estimated. Nature of interaction of projectiles with underwater barriers including those containing an explosive is studied.

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