The Complex Study of Hydrodynamic and Hydroacoustic Phenomena in Meso- and Submesoscale Variability of Hydrophysical Fields in the Arctic Seas (Illustrated by the Example of the White Sea)

Rodionov A. A., Zimin A. V., Nikitin D. A.

The paper discusses the results of submesoscale phenomena monitoring (internal waves and eddies) in the White Sea and the assessment of the impact of hydrophysical fields variability on hydroacoustic signals propagation. Satellite observations as a part of a surveillance system allow specifying the areas of the frequent occurrence of submesoscale phenomena. Combining in situ observations of these areas with modeling of hydroacoustic signals propagation allows determining the nature of their variability under the impact of the environment. The widespread existence of short-period internal waves and submesoscale eddies in the White Sea is shown, their impact on the local changes of hydroacoustic waves refraction as well as on the level variability of the received hydroacoustic signals is found out.

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