Methods of Control the Underwater Situation by the Perspective Aviation Complexes in Sea Network-Centric Warfare

Borodin A. E.

The basic tactical and technical advantages of aviation antisubmarine complexes in an underwater warfare are considered. The principles of an underwater surveillance using aviation radiohydroacoustic systems with sonobuoys distributed on a controlled aquatory are described. The method of an underwater surveillance based on single detectors which is traditional for radiohydroacoustic systems is analyzed. The method of an underwater surveillance based on a distributed detector which is perspective for aviation antisubmarine complexes is presented. In this case sensors (sonobuoys) are used as a spatiallydistributed measuring network with relative processing of primary information from them. Since the method is universal by the type of hydrophysical parameters and means of their measurement it can be used for multiparameter system of primary detection of underwater objects. The use of such system in aviation antisubmarine complexes will make them a local host of sea network-centric warfare.

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