Wind Input Scheme for Wave Forecast Model

Bulgakov K. Yu., Strigunova Y. V.

The importance of the formulation of new calculation schemes of energy inflow from wind to waves intended for inclusion in forecasting models of wind waves is proved. The scheme based on Miles linear theory which connects Fourier components of superficial pressure with Fourier components of an eminence through so-called beta-function is described. The beta-function is presented as the dependence on the wind speed relation at height of a half of a wave to the phase speed of mode for this wave number. The approximation of beta-function received according to data of statistical processing of results of direct joint simulation of the waves and ground-level layer of the atmosphere is presented. The test results of the method in the model of forecast of wind waves WAVEWATCH, which was adapted for the Baltic sea region are shown. The system of the forecast of sea waves WAVEWATCH/WRF is described. This system was used for the experiment on the storm reproduction which was observed in August 18—22 2014. The results of the experiments as well as the comparison of results with the observations data received from FMI buoy are given. It is shown that the forecast model of wind waves with the offered scheme introduced in it has successfully reproduced nervousness evolution.

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