Developing and ‎Testing of a Model System for Forecasting of Hydrodynamic Characteristics in Limited Regions of the Barents Sea

Ryabchenko V.A., Dvornikov A.Yu., Gorchakov V.A., Liberman Yu.M.

A system of real-time forecast of hydro-physical fields (HPFs) in limited regions of the Barents Sea is ‎discussed. The system based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) uses the nested grid approach, a crude ‎and fine grid being applied respectively to the whole Barents Sea and its separated region. The model is ‎driven by prognostic meteorological fields and climatic HPFs prescribed at open sea boundaries. The sys-‎tem was applied to forecasting HPFs on the expedition polygon of 21 cruise of the RV “Academic Sergey ‎Vavilov” in June 2005. The comparison of model HPFs with expedition data and model results obtained ‎under observed meteorological forcing shows, that the differences between model solution and expedition ‎data are mainly due to errors in prescribing HPFs at the open boundaries rather than errors in meteorolog-‎ical forecast.‎

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