Validation of Remote Sensing Estimates of Coccolitophore Bloom Parameters in the Barents Sea from Field Measurements

Karalli P. G., Kopelevich O. V., Sahling I. V., Sheberstov S. V., Pautova L. A., Silkin V. A.

The results of validation of the parameters of coccolithophorid blooms, calculated from satellite observations and field measurements of the spectral radiance reflectance Rrs in the expeditions of the IO RAS in the Barents Sea in 2016 and 2017, are presented. The main parameters under consideration are the concentration of coccolithophoride cells, Ncoc calculated with the regional algorithm of the IO RAS and the concentration of Particulate Inorganic Carbon, PIC, the standard product of NASA. Both parameters are calculated through the particle backscattering coefficient bbp. The performed validation included, first, the estimation of errors in atmospheric correction by comparing the values of Rrs from satellite data and from data measured by ship spectroradiometers. Secondly, the validation of “remote sensing” values of the bbp and Ncoc, using data from direct determination of concentrations of plated cells and detached coccolites. Third, a comparison of calculated values of Ncoc and PIC. The obtained results showed that, under favorable weather conditions, it is possible to obtain acceptable estimates of the Ncoc from satellite data. To improve accuracy, it is necessary to take into account the features of phytoplankton variability.

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