Inf luence of the source pulsations on the structure and internal dynamics of the intrusion (Translated by E. S. Kochetkova)

Isachenko I.A.

A 2-dimensional numerical model of stratified fluid dynamics in the vertical plane was used to investigate the structure and internal dynamics of density stratified intrusive current. The intrusion was formed by the pulsed inflow of two identical volumes of water of intermediate density into the two-layer stratified environment with a given time interval. Inflowing volumes of water were marked by different passive tracers. Initial stratification was defined by the density difference between the layers of equal thickness and the thickness of the intermediate layer. A set of dimensionless parameters is proposed which define the initial and boundary conditions of the problem. Numerical experiments showed that the evolution of the intrusive current is significantly influenced by pulsations of the inflow, particularly in the case when the time interval between the pulses is short. Depending on the intrusion parameters both is possible the acceleration and slowdown of horizontal propagation of the second intrusion volume. Dynamics of inflow of the second inflow volume is different for flows with supercritical and subcritical initial Froude number. Calculations show that the pulse nature of the source modifies the flow to the greatest extent when a short time interval between pulses.

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