Nutrient Load from the Russian Territory on the Gulf of Finland

Kondratyev S.A., Ershova A.A., Ekholm P., Victorova N.V.

Setting nutrient load reduction targets for the Baltic Sea, and monitoring whether these targets have been met, calls for reliable information on the nutrient load from all the surrounding countries. The objective of this study was to estimate the loading of Ntot and Ptot from the Russian territory on the Gulf of Finland, one of the most eutrophied sub-basins of the Baltic Sea. The nutrient load assessment was based on available monitoring data and statistics, mathemati­ cal modelling and additional sampling in the previously unmonitored areas. New data on nutrient loads at the small unmonitored rivers of the Gulf of Finland immediate catchment are presented and discussed. The data compilation showed that in order to fulfil the nutrient abatement recommendations of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan for the Gulf of Finland, a further reduction of 2084 t of N/a and 202 t of P/a from Russia is needed. Suggestions to improve Russian load monitoring system are given.

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