Generation of Seiches in a Non-Homogeneous Flu-‎id by a Moving Front of Atmospheric Pressure

Dotsenko S.F., Miklashevskaya N.A.

The plane problem of generating of surface and internal seiches in a two-layer fluid by a moving baric ‎front is considered in the framework of the shallow-water theory. The problem is solved by finite differ-‎ence method for a closed rotating basin of a variable depth. The front propagation excites the barotropic ‎and baroclinic waves in the basin. Their amplitudes depend on the front characteristics (intensity, propa-‎gation velocity, width), basin geometry and density stratification. The excitation of the baroclinic motion ‎is found to be the most effective at some value of the front propagation velocity. After the front leaves ‎the basin, a packet of internal waves is formed, which propagates from one to the other lateral boundary. ‎The decrease in the width and increase in the baric front velocity result in more efficient internal seiches ‎generation.‎

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