Kuz’kin V.M., Lyakhov G.A., Pereselkov S.A., Kaznacheeva E.S.

The physical and mathematical principles of hologram formation in the oceanic environment at presence of intense internal waves is considered. It is assumed that intense internal waves are reason of the sound field modes coupling. The presented research is based on the analysis of the frequency-time interference pattern (interferogram) of the broadband sound source and its 2D Fourier transformation (hologram). The relationship between the interferogram and hologram structures and the unperturbed and scattered fields parameters is obtained in the paper. The hologram spectral density consists of the two disjoint regions corresponding to the scattered and scattered fields. The filtering of these regions allows us to transmit the non-distorted information through inhomogeneous ocean environment. The numerical simulation results of interferograms and holograms at presence of the internal waves are considered. The relative error of the reconstructed interferogram for unperturbed sound field is estimated. The applying of obtained results to the hydroacoustic communication are proposed.

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