Testing an Operational Oceanographic System Testing by Means of Forecasting of Hydrodynamical Characteristics in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea ‎

Karlin L.N., Ryabchenko V.A., Vankevich R.E., Eremina T.R., Isaev A.V., Neelov I.A.

An operational system for forecasting of hydrodynamic characteristics in the Gulf of Finland GULFOOS ‎‎(the Gulf of Finland Operational Oceanographic System) has been developed. The system is based on the ‎hydrodynamic module of St. Petersburg Baltic Eutrophication Model. The system has been working in ‎the operation mode from May 2009 using data from short-term weather forecasts for the North-West ‎Region of Russia and forecasts of boundary conditions at the entrance in the Gulf of Finland. 48-hour ‎model forecasts were compared to observed vertical temperature and salinity profiles and water level in ‎Kronshtadt. The comparison showed that the model system simulates the observations quite well.

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