Impulsive Interaction of Breaking Waves with Flexible Coastal Structures

Khabakhpasheva  T.I., Korobkin A.A.

The problem of impact of a water wave with flat front onto an elastic vertical plate which models the surface ‎of a coastal structure is studied. The liquid is assumed weakly-compressible; the liquid flow is described within ‎acoustic approximation. The deflection of the plate and its vibrations caused by impact are described by a ‎linear theory of thin isotropic plates without accounting for shear stresses. The hydrodynamic and structural ‎parts of the problem are coupled by both dynamic and kinematic conditions imposed on the wetted part of ‎the structure. The problem is solved by the normal mode method. By using integral transforms the problem is ‎reduced to a system of differential and integral equations which are numerically solved. Phenomena caused ‎by the structural damping and liquid compressibility are investigated. It is shown that the structural damping ‎affects the global evolution of the plate behavior; however, maximum deflection and maximum bending ‎stress can be determined without account for structural damping. New combined model of violent wave ‎impact is proposed. Within this model only the early stage of impact is described with taking the liquid ‎compressibility into account, the later stage is simulated by using the model of incompressible liquid.‎

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