Digital Underwater Robot Sonar Antenna Beamforming in Time Domain ‎

Belov B.P., Simenov N.N., Mironov I.V.

Hydroacoustic data processing is being performed in time or spectral domain, the spectral domain processing ‎is wider spread. In any case, antenna devices beamforming and input signals processing algorithms modeling ‎must be performed. There are two possible approaches to the algorithms working out. The first is to process ‎the signals on the outputs of the antenna channels and then calculate and simulate signals and noise on the ‎antenna channels outputs in accordance with the calculated beam pattern of the channels and given source ‎distribution and signals and noise parameters. The second is to generate signals and noise in the array ‎elements, obtaining processes with the properties given on the item level on the channel outputs, and the total ‎signal processing in time domain. The formulas of signals and noise for mobile underwater robot antenna are ‎cited.

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