Theoretical and experimental approach to seaworthiness increase of high-speed boats on the basis of wave loadings neutralization ‎

Razumeenko Y.V., Yussef M.Y.

Theoretical bases of essential seaworthiness increase and reduction of high-speed boats onboard rolling by ‎application of wave loadings neutralizers are stated; wave loadings being the prime reason of rolling. It was ‎proved experimentally that the most effective type of wave loadings neutralizer is wing profile lattices at-‎tached to the stern part of high-speed boats and that increased the attached weight – 2 times, and damping – ‎‎10 times. Comparative tests of the forced rolling of boats models in a seakeeping basin were conducted. They ‎have confirmed high efficiency of the neutralizers in decreasing of boat onboard rolling. The structure of the ‎left and right members of equation of boats onboard rolling with application of neutralizers is specified and ‎their high efficiency in comparison with its traditional methods of rolling lessening was explained.

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