History, State-of-the-Art and Perspectives of the ‎Cetaceans Use as a Part of Biotechnical Dual-Purpose Systems ‎

Starodubtsev Yu.D., Nadolishnyaya A.P.

Here we present the history of using marine mammals (MM) as humans’ assistants, the place and time of the ‎Soviet Navy Aquarium creation, the main tasks of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) involved into ‎the research of dolphins’ abilities. We describe the biotechnical system for the underwater search (UwS) crea-‎tion by MSU, about the active work of the USA on using MM. It is shown that the effectiveness and the econ-‎omy of UwS using MM is much higher than using divers and technical means. The forecast of biotechnical ‎systems development perspectives is given, and the necessity of creation of the Federal base for working with ‎MM in Russia is pointed out.‎

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