The reviewing process in the Journal ‎

The manuscript submitted to the Journal is considered on compliance with a thematic ‎orientation of the Journal, scientific level and the rules of manuscript preparation. Then it is ‎forwarded to one of the associate editors (the leading researcher in this scientific field) who suggests two reviewers from the list of the associate editors or advisers of the Journal or invites ‎the well-known scientists in this field.‎

We use single-blind peer review method: reviewers know the identity and affiliation of authors, but authors don’t know the identity of reviewers.

The time for writing the review is 1 month.

The revised manuscript and/or reply to the reviewer’s remarks must be sent to ‎the editor within 2 months. Otherwise, the manuscript is considered as newly submitted. In case if the reviewer still has some comments, the author gets a second ‎review. The editors make a ‎decision on the publication‎ of the revised manuscript when it is accepted by the reviewer.

If the obtained review is negative, the manuscript must be sent to another ‎reviewer. Two negative reviews lead to the motivated refusal to publish the ‎author’s manuscript.‎

The associate editor (the leading researcher in a scientific field presented in the manuscript) ‎follows up all the reviewing process and makes reports about that at the Journal’s Editorial Board ‎meetings. All decisions about submitted manuscripts are made collectively at the Journal’s ‎Editorial Board meetings.‎

The manuscript can be checked using the plagiarism detection software Antiplagiat at any stage of the review. If plagiarism is identified, the COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed.