The reviewing process in the Journal ‎«Fundamentalnaya I Prikladnaya Gidrofizika»‎

The manuscript presented to the Journal is considered on compliance with a thematic ‎orientation of the Journal, scientific level and the rules of manuscript preparation. Then it is ‎forwarded to one of the associate editors (the leading researcher in this scientific field) who ‎appoints two reviewers from the list of the associate editors or advisers of the Journal or invites ‎the well-known scientists in this field.‎
We use double-blind peer review method: the manuscript is sent to the reviewer without ‎the names of the authors and organization. The received review without the reviewer’s name is ‎forwarded to the author to discuss remarks.‎
The manuscript corrected by the author and/or the answer to reviewer’s remarks are sent to ‎the reviewer repeatedly. In case if the reviewer still has some comments the author gets a second ‎review. After the reviewer accepts the editing of the author’s manuscript the editors make a ‎decision on the publication.‎
When obtaining the negative review of the manuscript it is obligatory to send it to another ‎reviewer. Two negative reviewer’s conclusions lead to the motivated refusal to publish the ‎author’s paper.‎
The associate editor (the leading researcher in the presented manuscript scientific field) ‎follows up all the reviewing process and makes reports about that at the Journal’s Editorial Board ‎meetings. All decisions about presented manuscript are made collectively at the Journal’s ‎Editorial Board meetings.‎