Issue‎ 4(6)


Kljachkin V.I. Information Integration of Hydroрhysical and Hydroacoustic Fields. More details>>

Levin I.M.,   Dolin L.S., Frantzuzov O.N., Rodionov M.A., Osadchy V.Yu., Savtchenko V.V. Measurement of Depth Profiles of   Optical and Hydrophysical Parametres in the Barents Sea: Application to Lidar   Sensing Problem. More details>>

Zimin A.V., Nikolaev V.G.,   Rodionov A.A. Internal Waves and their Displays on the Sea   Surface During the Tidal Cycle in the White Sea. More details>>

Kagan B.A., Sofina E.V. Seasonal Variability of the M2   Tide in the Arctic Ocean. More details>>

Silina T.A. Data Fusion Algorithms of Underwater Network-Centric Surveillance System. More details>>

Semenov N.N. Course Angle Estimation of a Underwater Object by Only One Observation Using a Complex Signal and Coherent Reception. More details>>

Zhilyaev E.A., Pavlov A.A.,   Chernyadev E.V.   Self-Contained Remote Controlled Seismohydroacoustic Station for Surveillance of the Signal-Noise Situation. More details>>

Perspective   Tendency of Development of Science and Technics
Gizitdinova M.R., Kuzmitsky M.A. Place and   Role of Mobile Underwater Robots in the   Decision of Modern Problems of Sea Activity of the States. More details>>