2017, volume 10, issue 2


Kagan B. A., Sofina E. V., Timofeev A. A. A Comparison of the Spatial Distributions of Baroclinic Tidal Energy Dissipation and Diapycnal Diffusivity in the Barents and Kara Seas in an Effort to Estimate Tidal Changes in Regional Climates of Marine Systems. More details>>
Svergun E. I., Zimin A. V. Forecast of the Occurrence of Intense Internal Waves in the White and Barents Seas According to Expeditionary Research. More details>>
Bulgakov K. Yu., Strigunova Y. V. Wind Input Scheme for Wave Forecast Model. More details>>
Frey D. I. Data Processing of Deep-Sea Measurements Applied to Currents in Abyssal Channels. More details>>
Voloshchuk E. V., Maximov A. A. Assessment of Influence of Marenzelleria Arctia Bioturbation Activity on Substances Content in the Sediments of the Eastern Gulf of Finland (in Engligh) More details>>
Glukhov V. A., Goldin Yu. A., Rodionov M. A. Experimental Estimation of the Capabilities of the Lidar PLD-1 for the Registration of Various Hydro-Optical Irregularities of the Sea Water Column More details>>
Shevchenko G. V., Gorbunov A. O., Korolev P. Yu. Hydrodynamic and Geomorphological Conditions in the Construction Area of the «Port «Vera» (Ussuri Bay) More details>>
Voytenko E. A., Morgunov Yu. N. Features of Low-Frequency Pulse Signals Propagation through a Vortex Structure in the Japan Sea in Winter Conditions More details>>