2012, volume 5, issue 3


Kagan B.A., Sofina E.V., Rashidi E. Sensitivity of the Tidal Dynamics to the Spatial   Variability of Hydrodynamic Roughness of the Bottom as Illustrated by the Pechora Sea Example. More details>>

Mortikov E.V. Numerical Simulation of the Stratification Effect on the Drag Coefficient of a Moving Ice Keel in a Two-Layer Fluid. More details>>

Shamin R.V., Smirnova A.I., Ydin A.V. Questions of Detection and Forecasting of Waves-Killers in Numerical Experiments. More details>>

Zimin A.V., Piсul T.А. Use of Wavelet Transformation for Detection of Internal Waves Characteristics. More details>>

Afanaseva S.A., Belov N.N., Burakov V.A., Burkin V.V., Zykov E.N., Ishchenko A.N., Rodionov   A.A., Simonenko V.G., Khabibullin M.V., Yugov N.T. Calculations of High-Speed Movement of the Inertial Model Entering the Water, and Its Interaction with the Metal Target. More details>>

Voronina N.G., Malyshkin G.S., Smirnov A.S., Timofeev V.N. On the Issue of Optimization of Ship Broadside Extended Antennae Parameters, with Non- Uniform Distribution of Noise Level. More details>>

Golubev A.G. On Algorithm of the Quasi-Matched Filtration of Tone Echo-Signals. More details>>

Levin I.M., Radomyslskaya T.M., Savchenko V.V. Visibility of Oil Films on the Water Surface From Space. More details>>

Scientific Messages
Zimin A.V., Rodionov  A.A., Zdorovennov R.E., Romanenkov D.A., Shevchuk O.I., Rodionov M.A., Zhegulin G.V. Research of the Short-Term Variability of Hydrophysical Fields in the White Sea in July-August 2012 Onboard the Research Vessel “Ecology”. More details>>

Tyugin D., Kurkin A., Pelinovsky E., Kurkina O. Increase of Productivity of the   Program Complex for Modeling of Internal Gravity Waves IGW Research with the Help of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013. More details>>