Formation of Shallow Water Rogue Waves Taking ‎into Account Wave Breaking Effects

Didenkulova I., Pelinovsky E., Rodin A.

Formation of extreme waves (rogue waves) in a basin of constant depth is studied in the framework of nonlin-‎ear shallow water theory. It is shown that unidirectional propagation of non-breaking waves does not lead to ‎the increase in the probability of rogue wave occurrence, though the wave field deviates from Gaussian. Wave ‎breaking effects do not influence on this result, although in the case of large-amplitude waves the reflected ‎wave appears and in the case of irregular wave field it may contribute to the formation of rogue wave as the ‎result of wave collision. At the same time the collision of long irregular waves with a smooth profile and wave ‎collision with a vertical wall increases the probability of rogue wave occurrence. The contribution of the wave ‎breaking in this case is studied for different scenarios of wave collision for waves of different amplitudes.‎

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