Calculations of High-Speed Movement of the Inertial Model Entering the Water, and Its Interaction with the Metal Target

Afanaseva S.A., Belov N.N., Burakov V.A., Burkin V.V., Zykov E.N., Ishchenko A.N., Rodionov A.A., Simonenko V.G., Khabibullin M.V., Yugov N.T.

An initial stage of high-speed penetration of a needle-shaped metal body into the water and its interaction with the metal target are considered. The calculations are carried out in the frame of the continuum mechanics: for a solid body an elastic-plastic model, with allowance for destruction, is suggested, while for the water fluid mechanics equations are used. Over the considered range of speeds of km/s, when the body is entering the water, a mode of developed cavitation occurs; the plastic deformation of the head part of the striker, and in some cases, its destruction, are observed, which leads to increase of the penetration resistance.

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