Kinematics of the Standing-Progressive Waves of Rossby in the Sea and Ocean

Belonenko T.V., Koldunov V.V., Foux V.R.

The hypothesis is made that it is not the progressive waves but the standing-progressive gradient-vortex Ross-by waves that are really dominating in the ocean. These waves can be detected through analysis of the satellite altimetry maps as a system of node lines where the sea-surface level does not vary, while the sea level oscilla-tion phase is subject to an immediate change by 180 grad. The node lines form a pattern of cells, the progres-sive waves of Rossby propagating between the cells nodes. On the basis of the altimetry data series covering the northwestern Pacific Ocean over the period of 1992–2009, the average estimates of the following Rossby wave parameters are obtained: wavelengths, periods, phase velocities of waves propagating between nodes, as well as node-to-node distances.

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