Study of Longterm Variability of Hydrometeorological Characteristics in the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland in 1958-2009

Eremina T.R., Gustoev D.V., Tsepelev V.Yu.

An attempt was made to study the long-term variability of the average sea level and a range of hydrometeoro-logical characteristics of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea. The time series of observations carried out at the marine meteorological stations over the period of 1958-2009 were used as the initial data. The results of the analysis showed an increase of the air temperature in winter-time by 2.8С, while the summer-time temperature increased by 1.2С. The sea surface temperature increased by 1.6С over the past 20 years, while the ice cover period duration in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland became shorter by 15 days. At the same time the sea level rise made 5 mm over the past 50 years The largest anomalies of the parameters were registered over the period of 1991-2005.

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