Evolution of Large Amplitude Internal Waves of in a Swash Zone


Kukarin V.F., Liapidevskii V.Yu., Navrotsky V.V., Khrapchenkov F.F.

The study of the dynamics of short-period internal waves of large amplitude in the «swash» zone located above the contact line of the bottom with the main thermocline was carried out. It is shown that the generation of packets of solitary waves is intermittent. It is observed during the months of the existence of developed sea-sonal thermocline (August-October). The spreading and breaking of internal waves contributes significantly to the mass transfer and «ventilation» in the shelf zone. The analysis of the structure of the bottom solitary waves in the «swash» zone shows that they can be detected in the form of symmetric lenses of cold water or they take the saw-shape form, depending on the breaking phase.

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