Possibility of Oil Pollution Detection on Ice Cover of Sea Surface

Radomyslskaya T. M., Levin I. M.

On the basis of review of ice, snow and oil optical properties the analysis of the possibility of detecting
oil pollution on the lower ice/water boundary is presented. The cases of observation from above by standard TV-system at daylight and from below by underwater laser-pulsed imaging system and the moving narrow-angle receiver are considered. It was shown that if the rare case of the pure crystal ice is excluded, observation from above under natural illumination is possible when the maximum ice thickness (without snow) is less than one meter. Observation from below by use of laser system is possible independently of snow presence and ice thickness from depth up to 30 m in the coastal waters and more than 40 m in ocean waters. If the moving narrow-angle receiver with an axis directed to zenith is used at daylight, the contrast oil-ice equals almost unity.

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