Potentialities of Distance Estimation by Method of «Optimal Frequencies» in Passive Sonar Localization

Konson A. D., Volkova A. A.

Analytical description of traditional method of «optimal frequencies» for estimation of distance to noise emitting object in the sea is received. Analysis of method error of distance estimation has allowed to receive expression for the error component caused by lack of data about inclination of broadband signal spectrum. It is shown that at unknown inclination of signal spectrum, limiting error of distance estimation can be taken as about six percent. It is shown that along with traditional realization of the method, based on choice of the central frequency of broadband filter, advanced realization of distance estimation method with simultaneous estimation of inclination of broadband signal spectrum by optimization of the type of filter amplitude-frequency characteristic is possible. Analysis of received function extremum has shown its weakly expressed pattern. Practical importance of each variant by criterion of minimum error of distance estimation can be defined after additional theoretical and experimental research directed at revealing and comparison of methods noise stability depending on signal source parameters, parameters of signal propagation medium and parameters of sonar receiving subsystem.

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