The Development Conception of High Frequency Radar with a Forward-Based Receiver and Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Transmitters Signals Utilizing for Marine Situations Surveillance

Barkhatov A. V., Veremev V. I., Rodionov V. A., Kupriyanov S. V.

The paper describes the design of a high frequency radar station with a forward-based receiver where several receiving and transmitting positions are supposed to be complexed. The range of a forwardbased receiver is up to 400 km while surveillance objects can be located beyond the horizon. The current state of researches in design of radar stations with a forward-based receiver is shown. The presented concept will allow us to improve the efficiency of marine situations surveillance under and outside the Russian Federation. Moreover, it can be integrated as an independent device into the unified system of marine situations surveillance during the creation of global information and energy space of the Russian Federation.

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