The Intrinsic Noise of Towed Cable Combined Receiving Antenna and Evaluation of Possibilities of Its Use as a Sensor Seismic Waves

Zakrevskii V. A., Pakhotin V. A.

The results of theoretical studies of a low-frequency (1—100 Hz) noise arising from a towing of a cable antenna in water are described in the paper. The possibility of a detection of acoustic (seismic) signals using a cable low frequency radioantenna is considered. It is shown that the electrode noise dominates at the detection of radio signals. The noise occurs due to the influence of turbulent pulsations of pressure on the parameters of the electric double layer at the electrode surface. The reasons of triboelectric noise are considered, the noise level is estimated. The ways of improving the signal-to-noise ratio based on new decisions on design of the cable elements and electrodes are suggested.

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