Nonhydrostatic Dynamics of Straits of the World Ocean

Voltzinger N. E., Androsov A. A.

Opportunities and restrictions of modeling of nonhydrostatic dynamics of straits of the World Ocean according to the offered classification are discussed. Straits can be subclassified on a standard basis of expediency account of the dynamic pressure in the whole area of the strait or a subdomain, guided both by common ideas, based on morphometric, hydrological and dynamic characteristics of the strait and simple criteria identifying nonhydrostatic. The boundary-value problem for the equations of momentum, continuity, turbulent closure and evolution of water constituents is formulated in an arbitrary 3D domain with two open boundaries. For solution, we use a transfer to the horizontal boundary-fitted coordinates and vertical σ-coordinate mapping the physical domain onto a computational parallelepiped with two opposite open sides. Numerical realization uses geophysical modification of a two-step projective method of the solution of the Navier—Stokes equations. Results contain an assessment of influence of nonhydrostatic on the dynamic and hydrological regimes of three allocated standard straits: Messina, Gibraltar and Bab-el-Mandeb.

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