Calculating The Impact on Aquatic Resources Dredging in the White Sea

Kovtun I. I., Protsenko E. A., Sukhinov A. I., Chistyakov A. E.

The aim of the study is to calculate the impact on aquatic resources dredging in the delta region of the Northern Dvina and the disposal site in the White Sea. The actual assessment of the impact on the food supply of fish is not possible without the use of the most modern and optimized mathematical models to predict the distribution of loops as a suspension in an aqueous medium, and the change of the bottom relief in connection with the loss of suspended soil particles in the sediment The calculation of fish productivity area production work is done. The software model of transport of suspended particles is developed and implemented. The developed numerical algorithms and implementing their complex programs were used to investigate the hydro-biological processes in the maintenance dredging. The amount of polluted water with heaps of soil and dredging equipment operation is calculate to estimate the damage to fish stocks. The values of areas of the regions in which there is destruction of vegetation on the bottom dumps and in the areas of dredging are calculated as well. Based on the developed software package it is found that the decrease of spoil allows to minimize the damage to habitats.

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