Return Problems of Restoration of Sound Speed Vertical Distribution in the Sea

Mikushin I. I., Seravin G. N.

The problem of determining of the marine environment characteristics by fixed values of the emitted and reflected acoustic signals, received from different scatterers without direct characteristics measurement with ship dipping probes, is relevant and useful. Impact assessment of the vertical sound velocity distribution in the waveguide from the surface to the sea bottom is made immediately prior to use of various hydroacoustic equipment. The usability of information contained in the received acoustic signal, reflected from the target, to obtain the marine environment characteristics, can significantly simplify the nature of the efficient use of acoustic ship equipment. This work studies solution algorithms of return problems of restoration of sound speed vertical distribution while sounding from the ship in water medium acoustic sound diffuser, relatively big single or multiple small, in the volume, limited by characteristics of antenna directivity, sea surface and sea bottom. It is shown that the more acceptable (for practical use) is the algorithm of restoration of sound speed vertical distribution with the method of linearization while sounding on the move in the sea medium single sound diffusers, having dimensions more than a radiated signal wavelength.

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