Simulation of Lidar Images of Nonlinear Internal Waves in the Shallow Sea

Dolina I. S., Dolin L. S.

An investigation of the peculiarities in shaping of lidar images of nonlinear internal waves is performed in the conditions approaching the actual. The analysis of the dependence of internal wave images structure on the character the attenuation coefficient stratification is made (surface and bottom turbid layers, linear stratification, fine structure of the attenuation coefficient). It is shown that the conditions for obtaining contrast images of nonlinear internal waves are existent in coastal zones of the Barents Sea. The relative variations of the echo-signal power in the internal wave field may run to ten decibel. The maximum variation of the echo-signal is observed with a turbid layer in a pycnocline region, in this case the vertical displacements of the turbid layer in the internal wave field are effectively manifests. The shadow image of the internal wave is formed with essential distinctions in fluid transparence over and under pycnocline, the contrast sign of this image depends on the polarity of soliton and the fact of what layer (upper or lower) is more turbid. In the case of linear stratification of the attenuation coefficient the spatial variations of the echo-signal power reproduce the field of vertical displacements in the internal wave. These results can be used for solution the problems of lidar remote sensing of internal waves.

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