Tsunami Action on Coasts and Constructions (in English)

Guler H., Cinar G., Sharghivand N., Sozdinler C., Dogan G., Necmioglu O., Zaytsev A., Yalciner A.

Tsunamis are high-impact, long-lasting disasters, which in most cases allow for only a few minutes of warning before impact. The amount of energy behind huge tsunami waves can cause severe destruction when it hits land and consequently causes massive loss of human life. The impact of tsunami can be considered in social, environmental, and economic dimensions. The social impact can be seen in destruction of life and property, health crisis and disease. Tsunamis may cause massive environmentally impact by devastating effects. In this paper, the impact of 2004 and 2011 tsunamis on coasts and constructions are evaluated from the engineeering perspective. Discussions with suggestions are presented.

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