Determination of the Dynamic Coefficient Under the Tsunami Bore Impact on the Protective Structure of Gravitational Type

Rutman Yu. L., Filkov V. Yu.

In theoretical and experimental researches of loads from a collapsed wave on marine and coastal structures from tsunami dynamic effect due to the flexibility of the structure and the foundation was not taken. The generalized dependence of the resultant pressure waves of the collapsed wave (bore) from time was established based on the analysis of modern publications. The reaction of structures to the effects of bore depends of loading and stiffness of the system «soil-construction». Numerical evaluation of dynamic effects for different values of the loading rate and the stiffness of the system, for example, of protective breakwater are made. Various ground bases corresponding to possible conditions of construction are examined. As the analyses scheme of the building there was considered an absolutely rigid body on an elastic base with two degrees of freedom — displacement in the horizontal direction and rotation in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the pier. Self-oscillations corresponding to the lower mode taking into account the inertial effects of water are considered. From the results of the article, researches have shown that, when defining loads from the bore on the protection structure should take into account their dynamic nature. For a conservative evaluation in approximate calculations it is allowed to take the value of the dynamic factor equal to two.

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