Modeling of Internal Wave Action on Offshore Platforms for Hydrological Conditions of the Sakhalin Shelf Zone (in English)

Rouvinskaya E., Kurkina O., Kurkin A., Zaytsev A.

Dynamical loads are estimated on underwater vertical cylindrical parts of offshore platforms from the forcing of fully nonlinear internal wave motions generated by multicomponent barotropic tidal flow over topography along a vertical section for the conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk (Aniva Bay, near the south-eastern part of the Sakhalin Island shelf). The evolution of this process is analysed using numerical model of Euler equations for incompressible density-stratified fluid in a vertical plane. The intensity of pressure on lateral underwater surface and the rate inertia moment are expressed according to Morison’s formula for a cylindrical pile of 2.5 m diameter and 42 m height and computed as functions of time. They can reach values of 2.3∙105 N and 4.8∙106 N∙m, respectively, during the tidal cycle. The frequency of the appearance of large peak values in the internal wave velocity field and the probabilities of the corresponding high loads are also calculated.

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