Modelling of Internal Waves in the Baltic Sea (in English)

Pelinovsky E. N., Talipova T. G., Soomere T., Kurkina O. E., Kurkin A. A., Tyugin D. Yu.

A brief review of recent studies of internal waves in the Baltic Sea is given. The data of various observations of internal waves in the Baltic region are discussed and a database for the background hydrological parameters that govern the basic appearance of the internal wave shape is introduced. These data sets are employed to select examples of pathways of wave propagation that contain critical points. Numerical modelling of propagation of internal solitary waves across the sea is carried out using the relatively simple model based on Gardner’s equation. This model was chosen due to its clear advantages. It is robust, allows high-resolution calculations with modest computer resources, and is able to reproduce the transformation of internal waves in horizontally inhomogeneous sea. The results of calculations of the transformation of internal solitons in the Baltic Sea along such pathways in a realistic (spatially variable) set of hydrological conditions are presented.

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