On Correlation between Inherent Optical Properties at 650 nm, Secchi Depth and Blue-green Algal Abundance for the Gorky Reservoir (in English)

Molkov A. A., Kapustin I. A., Shchegolkov Yu. B., Vodeneeva E. L., Kalashnikov I. N.

The present work is devoted to the investigation of the hydro-optical regime of the Gorky reservoir, based on shipboard and laboratory measurements of the characteristics of optically active components and inherent optical properties in 2016 year. The data collected at 97 stations covering more than half the area of the lake part of the reservoir are analyzed. The dominant influence of blue-green algae on the transparency of the water column was observed under the quasi-constant spatio-temporal distribution of dissolved organic matter at the level of 11—12 mg/l and the negligible presence of a mineral suspension. The limits of the Secchi depth variability from 0.2 to 3.5 m respectively algal abundance from 500 to 100 000 cells/ml are established. For this ranges regressions between some inherent optical properties and blue-green algal abundance were constructed as well as formulas for estimating attenuation coefficient and the single scattering albedo by Secchi depth were obtained.

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