Wind Wave Spectra Peakedness and its Statistics Based on Hindcasting (in English)

Boukhanovsky A. V., Lopatoukhin L. I.

Wind wave spectrum peakedness γ is one of the most important parameters as it determines extreme wave loads and may be responsible for the freak wave generation. Usually, γ=3.3 is supposed as the mean value, but measurements show that peakedness is varying from 1 to 20. This means that real values of peakedness have to be specified and γ statistics is needed for applied research. The ideal decision of the specified problem is continuous wave measurements (for the period of several decades). Unfortunately, the information about peakedness for various regions is very scarce, mainly due to a restricted number of direct wave spectra measurements. Moreover, regions where regular wave measurements are not being performed still remain, including some seas around Russia. This means that continuous wave hindcasting by numerical models is the only database for statistical generalization. Statistics of wave peakedness based on hindcasting for some seas around Russia were calculated. Data for seas with quite different wave climates, namely for Bering and White sea, is presented. Statistics include two-dimensional distributions (wave heights-peakedness), regression (peakedness on wave height), conditional distributions, etc.

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