Chirov D.V.

A statistical method for evaluating the efficiency of matched field processing is proposed, based on the evaluation of the probabilistic characteristics of random indicator SINR, the probabilities of which are distributed in accordance with the law of the minimum value of Gumbel. The statistical method is intended for processing data from field tests or model studies of sonar receiving systems. The evaluation of the probabilistic characteristics of indicator SINR is based on statistical analysis of the results of matched field processing in purpose to estimate the parameters of the distribution of this indicator in specific operating conditions of the sonar. Examples of the use of the method in modeling matched field processing are given in order to solve problems of comparing the processing quality under conditions of mismatch between the properties of model and real waveguides, as well as the presence of random errors when measuring the parameters of the waveguide. The simulation of the processing results was carried out using the SonarMFP software package, designed by SPIIRAS-HTR&DO Ltd to calculate the ambiguity function of the acoustic signal source as a result of matched field processing with using geographic information system technologies. It is shown that the obtained results allow us to quantitatively compare the receiving systems, operating under different conditions, using probabilistic measures. The method can also be useful when developing requirements for information support of receiving systems based on the principles of matched field processing.

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