On Definition of Hydrodynamic Resistance ‎Factors and Estimation of Vibration Characteristics of Bluff Cables According to Sea Tests

Lev I.G., Vinogradov N.I., Nisnevich M.Z.

Results of data processing of sea tests of bluff cables are described. Approximation of hydrodynamic ‎functions of loading according to aerodynamic tests is specified and values of hydrodynamic factors for ‎straight-line 3-strands and 6-strands steel cables according to tests in water are defined at critical angles of ‎attack. For the cables bent in a stream the empirical formulas are received, allowing to define factors of ‎normal resistance depending on a combination of set tow-parameters. According to tension and ‎configuration of flexible cables in a stream it is offered then to estimate some characteristics of ‎hydroelastic vibration.

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