ِAim of the Journal

Emphasis of the journal includes the following areas:‎

‎- fundamental and applied hydrophysics;‎
‎- dynamics and hydrodynamics of marine objects;‎
‎- physical fields of ocean, atmosphere, marine objects and their interaction;‎
‎- methods and means for registration hydrophysical fields of ocean and marine objects;‎
‎- application of information technology for solving problems in the field of hydrophysics, design ‎‎and operation of the offshore facilities system;‎
‎- hydrosphere ecology;‎
‎- hydrobionics;‎

As well as the most interesting scientific conferences’ reports, materials of science debates, book ‎‎reviews. From the scientists, engineers (and designers) of marine equipment, students, graduate ‎‎students and professors who specialize in the field of fundamental and applied hydrophysics.‎