How to answer the review

Dear authors!‎

Responses to the reviewers (separately for each review) and corrected version of the article ‎should be sent to the editors.‎

Please make your answers to reviewer’s comments in compliance with their order in the review.‎

First make a citation of the reviewer’s comment with highlighting. Then answer the reviewer’s ‎‎comment.‎

In case if you agree with the reviewer’s comment please point to the page and remarks which you ‎‎made in the manuscript (page number…, line number…). If you do not agree with the reviewer ‎‎please argue your answer.‎

Each comment of the reviewer must be answered.‎

All the changes made in the corrected manuscript should be marked by color except for stylistic ‎‎text changes which do not wrench its content.‎

The deadline for responses to reviewer’s comments and corrections of the manuscript should not ‎exceed 2 months. Otherwise the manuscript will be considered as a new submission.‎