Recommendations to the reviewers

Dear reviewers!‎

The following list of subjects is suggested for writing the review:‎
‎1.‎ Compliance of the article to the theme of the Issue with indication of its scientific ‎direction(s):‎
‎- issues of fundamental hydrophysics;‎‏
– ‏interaction of ‏ physical fields of marine objects*, ocean‏ and ‏atmosphere‏;
– natural physical fields of the ocean, their variability and interaction with the atmosphere and the bottom;
– interaction of physical fields and aquatic ecosystems;
‎‎- ‎methods and means for registration hydrophysical fields of ocean and marine ‏objects‎;‎‏
‎‎- information technologies in problems of hydrophysics, design ‎and operation of marine ‎facilities‎;‎‏
– ‏hydrobionics‏.‏
‎2.‎ Topicality of the research.‎
‎3.‎ Scientific novelty.‎
In case of negative answers to the previous questions, you may recommend the refusal in ‎publication without the consideration of further points.‎
‎4. Compliance of the paper’s title with its content‎
5. Completeness of the problem’s review (recommendations: the paper contains 20-40 links, a brief message – at least 8 links, a review – over 40 links).
‎6. Comments to the reviewed materials
‎7. The validity of the statements and conclusions in the paper
‎8. Quality of materials’ presentation including structure of the paper, rationality of its volume, ‎necessity and quality of illustrations.‎
‎‎9.‎ Recommendation for publication.‎
The time for writing the review is 1 month.
* The marine object refers to underwater and surface ships and vehicles, engineering structures, features of the bottom and coastline, marine mammals and fish.