2014, volume 7, issue 1


Chalikov D. V. Numerical Modeling of Three-Dimensional Potential Waves. More details>>

Kantarzhi I. G., Sharova V. V., Tran Long Giang. Effects of the Wind Waves on the Short Vertical Walls. More details>>

Kagan B. A., Sofina E. V. Modeling of the Surface Semidiurnal Tide and its Enegetics in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Including the System of Hudson Bay. More details>>

Romanenko E.V., Pushkov S.G. Forces on Oscillating Foils for Propulsion when Heaving and Pitching Motion are out of Varying Phase. More details>>

Viktorov R. V., Kolmogorov V. S., Moskalenko E. V., Shpak S. A. Interference of Detection of Moving Underwater Object. More details>>

Belov B. P., Mironov I. V., Muravyev A. V., Semyonov N. N. Efficiency Assessment of Time Domain Adaptive Sonar Noise Canceller. More details>>