2014, volume 7, issue 2


Korchak V. Yu., Rodionov A. A., Chulkov V. L., Kotelyuk L. A. The Role of Fundamental Science in the Russian Navy Development. More details>>

Lyaskovskiy V. L., Smirnov S. S., Reulov R. V. The Methodic Basis of Rational Thematic List of Fundamental and Exploratory Research for the Forming of the Development Program for the Navy of Russia. More details>>

Bocharov L. U., Korchak V. U., Toujikov E. Z. The Complex Characteristic of the Basic Research of the US Department of Defense. More details>>

Kovalenko V. V., Korchak V. Yu., Khil’ko A. I., Chulkov V. L. Underwater Network-Centric Surveillance Requirements. More details>>

Abarenov S. P., Arsentyev V. G., Krivolapov G. I. Frequency and Spatial Parameters Selection of Hydroacoustic Information and Control Networks Based on Generalized Energy Indicators. More details>>

Akulichev V. A., Morgunov Y. N., Borodin A. E. Regional System of Underwater Navigation Provision and Remote Control. More details>>

Vel’tishchev V. V., Egorov S. A., Kropotov A. N., Kuleshov V. I., Gur’ev A. V. The Navigation Support of the Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle’s Group. More details>>

Esipov I. B., Tarasov S. P., Chulkov V. L. The Parametric Hydroacoustic Array — the Perspective Technology for Ocean Monitoring on Extended Routes. More details>>

Markovich I. I. Methods and Algorithms of Digital Space-Time Processing of Sonar Signals in Multibeam Echo-Sounders and Forward-Looking Sonars. More details>>

Borisenkov I. L., Kalinov M. I., Rodionov V. A. The Analysis of the Application and the Main Trends of Development of the National Cosmic Radar Systems and Electronic Monitoring of the Sea Surface. More details>>

Maltsev G.N., Kalinov M.I., Rodionov V.A. The Analysis of Opportunities of Use of Domestic Systems of Satellite Communication in High Latitudes. More details>>

Leonovich G. I., Krutov A. F., Kozlov N. P. Marine Uav’S Airborne Aerosol Lidar. More details>>

Bocharov L. U. The Foreign Technologies Characteristics of New Types of Electric Thrusters Creation for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and Ships. More details>>

Chumakov A. V., Svistov A. S., Onikiyenko S. B., Zemlyanoi A. V., Listopadov Yu. I., Popov V. I. Some Aspects of Long Stay Under the Elevated Pressure at Limit Depths and Its After-Effects from the Position of the Pathophysiology of Critical Conditions. More details>>

Onikiyenko S. B., Zemlyanoi A. V., Listopadov Yu. I., Popov V. I., Svistov A. S., Chumakov A. V., Margulies B. A., Baranov G. A., Borodavko V. K., Smurov A. V. The Development of Innovative Strategy of Cross Protection of the Military Personnel of Ship Structure and Coastal Parts of the Navy from Radiation, Toxic Influences and Biopathogens. More details>>